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Mindfulness certified course

Master the art of mindfulness and mindful meditation and become certified in Mindfulness.

This course includes:
  • Live course session
  • Available in English & Hindi
  • Assignments & Tests
  • Certificate of completion
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What you’ll learn:
  • Understand what mindfulness is, its history and background, and its function, purpose and benefits
  • Learn and develop the quality of mindful relaxation and gentleness. Recieve guidance and helpful tips in overcoming any obstacles.
  • You’ll learn to incorporate informal mindfulness throughout the day and make it a part of your daily routine.
  • This course will teach you how to do the most popular type of formal and informal mindfulness including seated mindful meditation practices and informal mindful practices such as walking, eating, speaking and more and much, much …..more.
  • This course offers you concrete strategies on your journey to becoming a dynamic mindfulness teacher.
  • In this course you will understand how to teach children to be mindful and introduce them to meditation through stories.
  • Learn strategies that explore fun and engaging mind, body, and breath activities to reduce stress and promote health and wellness.
  • From this mindfulness course you will understand how mindfulness works on teenagers and old people, and also how to deal with  them.
  • In this course you’ll understand how to help your clients develop mindfulness and meditation practices in everyday life.
  • No prior experience of mindfulness is needed to join in this course.
Who this course is for:
  • This mindfulness course is open to age groups all.
  • For those wants to deepen their own practice of mindfulness.
  • Anyone who wants to teach mindfulness to others.



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