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Mindfulness course: To create an amazing life!

Simple mindfulness practices integrated with basic meditation to create your best life!

This course includes:
  • Live course session
  • Available in English & Hindi
  • Certificate of completion
What you’ll learn:
  • You will learn make peace with your inner vocabulary and develop your ability to communicate with others.
  • Mindfulness strategies for relaxation and improved sleep.
  • Meditate and act mindfully on a daily basis, as well as understand how to access joy by living in the present moment.
  • You will learn to reduce (and eventually eliminate) the effects of stress from your life.
  • Learn how the mind works, and how to best train these components to further personal effectiveness and growth.
  • Understand the psychology of mindfulness, thoughts and emotions and the science behind why meditation is so benefitial.
  • Develop practices that can help you over come anxiety, depression & emotional traumas.
  • Learn to become more reliant on factors within your control to improve your mental health and day-to-day emotional well-being.
  • To assist others in understanding and modifying the unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thoughts associated with undesired life results.
  • Learn how to awaken your spirituality through meditation.
  • Discover how to apply mindfulness meditation that will bring life changing results.
  • No prior experience of mindfulness is needed to join in this course.
  • Study mindfulness from the comfort of your home.
  • You can study mindfulness anywhere with a stable internet connection.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is directed towards those interested in learning different expressions of mindfulness.
  • This course is for people who are willing to make a positive impact on their life.
  • Anyone who wants to feel more connected with themselves and others.
  • Anyone who is interested in self growth and becoming a better and more insightful person.



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